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Rich Site Summary (RSS) Game Feed Requirements

General Requirements

Preferably provide JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) structured data through a stable static URL. Alternatively we can support XML formated data as well.

Required Attributes

Here you can see the listed field information we need about games:

  • name
  • primary category
  • description
  • 100x100 pixel sized thumbnail URL
  • direct game URL
  • *game default width
  • *game default height
  • *game aspect ratio
  • publish date

*You only need to provide game aspect ratio or game default width and game default height.

The game embed URL should be embeddable on external websites into an iframe.

Optional Attributes

  • other categories or tags

Example Game Feed

Example game feed URL:

Developer friendly version example game feed data with human readable format:

Recommendations and Guide Lines

Increase the chance that our customers will import your games!


  • Provide text free 100x100 pixel sized thumbnail images.
  • Order the games based on the publish date and list the newest games first.
  • Make the games or game containers responsive.
  • Support secure HTTPS protocol as well for images and for embed URLs.
  • Provide compressed game feed data.
  • Provide a general primary game category
    (arcade, action, shooting, adventure, 3D, sports, flying, escape, casino, driving, physics, fighting, strategy, defense, multiplayer, girl, music, rhythm, makeup, jigsaw, puzzle, cooking, dress-up, customize, education, board game, platform).


  • Use few in-game advertisements or share revenue with publishers.
  • Make sure games and associated resources such as images are always up to date and publicly available.

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