Best Arcade Script

A blazing fast stylish HTML5 & Flash arcade game script!

Create your own online games website
Add 57,000+ Games from 21+ Feeds with one click
Earn a constant Revenue stream from Advertisements

Best Arcade Script

A revolutionary game website portal for webmasters!

Advertisements Before Games
Add HTML5, Flash and Unity 3D Games
Responsive SEO Friendly User eXperience and Design

Owning an effective Gaming Website Solution is the best way to attract players coming from relevant channels. Including social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Target gamers from casual to addicted. This script has an easy to use and well-organized admin interface. Installing it is simple too.

Running my very own branded site requires little to ZERO fees. As a result of my decision and work, I earn a constant revenue stream online.

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Best to start right now!

Best Arcade Script is the perfect game portal system to start your next online business and boost your existing ones. It is optimized to fulfill the newest needs among players, and for maximizing your income with discrete advertisement spaces. Modern, innovative and meets the requirements of the present and the future. We give you cutting edge features with first class support service. So you have the power to break into the Online Gaming Industry right now!

Demo Sites

Best Arcade Script DemoColorful Neon demo portalPink Pony demo websiteHTML5 Games demo portal

Demo Admin Interface

Username: BestArcadeScript
Password: iLikeBestArcadeScript


Homepage of the gaming site


The homepage has optimal thumbnails and extremely smooth sliding animation.

Homepage with Category Menu

Homepage with Category Menu

Well designed Category Menu with clean thumbnails. There is a top rated, most played, shuffle button and a search bar for choosy players.

Pre Gaming Page

Pre Gameplay Page

Here you can find the description of the selected item and some recommended items to play. You can also see the playable content's ratings. The user friendly advertisements help you to increase your income.

Gaming Page with Pre Gaming Ad

Play Page with Pre Gameplay Ad

While the content is loading, your visitor watch your site's advertisement insted of the distributor's.

Works On Smartphone!

Works On Smartphone!

Our product works on any device (for example on a smartphone). And behave the same way due to touch events.

On Smartphone Playing

On Smartphone Playing

You can also play on smartphone. And you can update HTML5 games too, which are works on smartphone too without any plugin.

Admin Settings

Admin Settings

Here you can set up the basic settings. For example you can choose your website’s texture.

Admin Adverts

Admin Adverts

You can manage your advertisements here, and include the ad codes provided by any ad network. Code highlighter makes much more simplier to edit embed codes.

Admin Settings

Category Editor & Conversion Controller

You can easily manage the order of your categories by dragging & dropping them. You can even change category icons by uploding a new one. Here you can manage conversion rules as well, which matters when you import new content to your site.

Ocean design

Ocean Template

The standard product contains this template.

Orange Flower template

Orange Flower Theme

Standard release contains this color texture pack too.

Deep Sea design

Deep Sea Template

This template and 3 more which you can watch among the demo websites are available for Professional product owners.

Cold Blue template

Cold Blue Theme

The Professional product contains this design and 3 more which you can watch among the demo websites.

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jQuery UI
Code Mirror

Core Features

  • Cross Platform and Responsive Design
  • Drag & Slide interface
  • Pre Gameplay Pages
  • Dynamic Content
  • Slidable Menu
  • Dynamic Categories
  • Lightweight (maximum 3MiB only)
  • Resource-Saving
  • Unique Smart Rating Widget
  • Social Buttons and Widgets
  • Search Engine width a Search Bar
  • HTML5, Flash (swf, dcr), Unity 3D, Embedded Games
  • More Than 1,700 Importable High Quality HTML5 App
  • More Than 57,000 Importable Games

New RSS Feeds

  • Poki Excellent GualityCrossplatform ContentAndroid gameplayiOS, iPone and iPad compatibleWindows Phone platform
  • Grab Gamer Crossplatform ContentAndroid systemiOS, iPhone and iPad compatibleWindows Phone compatible
  • 4J Shockwave GamingHTML5 applicationsAndroid browsersiOS browserWindows Phones
  • Games Arcade Shockwave Playing

HTML5 Distributors

  • Softgames Excellent GualityCrossplatform ContentAndroid platformsiOS, iPhone and iPad compatibleWindows Phone system
  • GamePix Excellent GualityCrossplatform ContentAndroid gameplayiOS, iPone and iPad compatibleWindows Phone platform
  • Famobi Excellent GualityHTML5 applicationsAndroid devicesiPhone devicesWindows Phone system
  • HTML Games Excellent QualityHTML5 platformAndroid supportediOS and iPhoneWindows Phone supported
  • TreSensa Crossplatform ContentAndroid platformsiDevice compatibleWindows Phone platform
  • PlayToMax Crossplatform ContentAndroid systemiOS, iPhone and iPad compatibleWindows Phone compatible
  • Scirra Arcade HTML5 platform

Other Features

  • Shuffle Button
  • Custom Scrollbar
  • Fullscreen Mode
  • 100% Unencrypted Code

Administration Panel

  • Easy to Use with Clean Layout
  • RSS Feed Import
  • Automatic Import
    (cron jobs)
  • Autopilot sitemap.xml
  • Advertisements
    (Pre Gameplay ads too)
  • Manage and Upload Content
  • Multiple Categories Per Item

New Features

  • More Than 21+ RSS Feeds
  • Auto Post to Twitter width Screenshots
  • Secure HTTPS protocol support
  • New Social Widgets
  • Exclusive Animation Pack
  • Advertisement Spaces for Smartphones
  • Content Delivery Network for external JavaScript and CSS resources

Supported Distributors

  • Spil Games Excellent GualityShockwave GamingHTML5 applicationsAndroid browsersiOS browserWindows Phones
  • Plinga Shockwave GamingHTML5 Content
  • Playdot Flash GamesUnity 3D Gamingcrossplatform applications
  • Talk Arcades Excellent GualityShockwave Gaming
  • Flash Game Distribution Playing Flash
  • Arcade Game Feed Shockwave Playing
  • Free Games For Your Website Flash Gaming
  • Kongregate Excellent GualityPlaying Shockwave
  • Escapefan Excellent GualityEscape Gaming
  • 2 Player Games Excellent GualityFlash applications

Advanced Features

  • Top Rated Button
  • Most Played Button
  • Advanced Options
  • Text Label Editor
  • Embed Code Highlighter
  • Image Managger
  • Sortable Drag & Drop
    Category Editor & Conversion Controller
  • On The Fly CSS Minification
    and JS Compression

Supported HTML5 and Flash Game Feeds

HTML Games
Grab Gamer
Arcade Game Feed
Spil Games
Free Games For Your Website
2 Player Games
Scirra Arcade
Talk Arcades
Flash Game Distribution
Games Arcade

playing HTML5 and Flash content

Due to the power of HTML5 technology our product has well-designed layouts and smooth animations. The Metro user interface makes this brand new arcade game script compatible with any device. Including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. It works with all major modern web browser.

highlight your page with a unique smart rating widget

Unique smart rating widget with Google’s aggregate review support. The rating stars in the search results are driving more visitors to your website and distinguishing your website from competitors.

user friendly URLs

This arcade games script uses the latest Search Engine Optimization technique called rich snippets (Structured Data). So the crawler can understand the content of your site. Our online gamer portal also supports search engines and has user-friendly URLs.

responsive design with high performance

Cross Platform Support and Responsive Design gives a high performance to your arcade games script. Play anytime and everywhere you want!

fast install time

Anyone can install this Flash game website script less in 5 minutes -even a child- without any programming skills. No qualification is needed.

support rss feeds

More than 21 supported RSS feeds. Importing games for your site is simple. You only need an URL and the software does the rest. It also assigns the imported item’s existing category icon in the menu.

unencrypted code and cron jobs

It is easy to set up cron jobs using cPanel. So your portal works on autopilot. Lean back in your chair and enjoy your free time! Your website is always up to date and filled with fresh, high-quality content. It saves long, boring and difficult working hours.The source code is 100% unencrypted and customizable.

filter Flash and HTML5 games

Add thousands of online games with a click of a button to your platform in a few moments! Use Spil Games Catalog to filter HTML5 and Flash games to be added by category, keyword and language.

playing online

Best Arcade Script gives fresh and pure feeling when you and your audience want to have fun playing online. Three words are enough to describe the platform: fast, flexible and innovative.

colorful templates

We made the layout to be the best: easy to use, comfortable, ergonomic and user-friendly. No modifications are needed. We provide you with several colorful templates to choose from.

user friendly

Everything is simple with your online gamer portal, because our team designed it for everyday players.

new technology and SEO friendly

Now here is your chance to get a technology that was not available to anyone so far. The only solution was to hire programmers, designers, and SEO professionals costing $10,000s. The result was not risk-free. That’s why only the big fishes like friv, kizi, A10 and so on were successful. Our unique arcade game script solution provides a world-class experience at an affordable price.

Payment Options

Pay with PayPal, PayPal Credit or any major bank or credit card including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Network cards! Fast and easy payment process is secured by PayPal. Buy and download your brand new software in seconds!

Pay with Bitcoin securely online and keep your payment anonym! Please contact us if you wish to buy and download your brand new product with Bitcoin.

Editions and Pricing

Standard release

Standard Edition

Setup Service for $85
One Domain
Frequent Updates
Support Service
Video Tutorials
3 Theme
Auto Post to Twitter
1.19MiB (zipped)
Professional release


Setup Service for $85
Unlimited Domains
Frequent Updates
Support Service
Video Tutorials
8 Theme
Auto Post to Twitter
2.09MiB (zipped)
Enterprise Edition


Optional Setup Service
Special End User License
Frequent Updates
Premium Support Service
Video Tutorials
Personalized Themes
Custom Animation Pack
Auto Post to Twitter
Special Request
Custom Size
Starter Package


Setup Service for $85
One Domain
Frequent Updates
Support Service
Video Tutorials
2 Theme
0.47MiB (zipped)
Basic release

Basic Edition

Setup Service for $85
One Domain
Basic Updates
Basic Support
Video Tutorials
Default Theme
0.39MiB (zipped)

Which one is the Best choice?

Choose the


Edition if you want to use your product only on one web page with one template (you can choose from 3). Select the setup service and we are doing everything and giving you a turnkey online gamer website!


Package is for Business Leaders and businessmen who want to make their first Big Boom. This product comes with several cool templates. Buy this product to become a Big Fish (like friv, kizi, A10 and the others)!
Choose the


Edition, if you need the basics for your first portal. This product comes with the default color template right out of the box. You also get access to basic updates and support.


Package is a budget-friendly release for those who are slightly new to the Online Gaming Industry. Choose this product if you need just the core features for one website with 2 nice looking templates.
Contact us for the


Edition if you want even more like Exclusive Templates or custom features, tell us and we realize your next Business dream.


"I had a few little issues at first but then everything started going smoothly. I contacted the Script Team a few times to make sure I was understanding things correctly and the response was fast, professional, courteous and very helpful. There might be better scripts out there but I couldn't find one that could match my needs as did. My new Arcade site now looks great. It is easy to manage and I am sure it will bring more visitors to my site than it did before. Thank you!" – Read the full review Right Now!

David Sutton a satisfied customer
January 9, 2017

"This is the best script for games website I have ever used. Light interface, all necessary features, SEO optimized. Easy to use for administrators and comfortable for visitors as well."

Shakro Abramishvili a satisfied customer
April 21, 2016

"Hello, I would like to recommend Best Arcade Script, I really like it. The original template is very nice. It is well optimized, and the website loading speed is very fast. The administration panel is also very easy to use. So best wishes to the developers and waiting for more updates and templates coming."

Lasha a satisfied customer
May 26, 2015

"While I was searching for an arcade game script I found the best one. I liked its design, it was very beautiful for me. So I decided to purchase it. I installed it very quickly. It was so easy because of the video tutorial. Although there were some compatibility issues, the website support helped me so fast. They are so much helpful. Although I had a lot of questions, they answered all of them. Awesome platform and awesome Customer Support."

Gresea a satisfied customer
February 14, 2014

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Feel free to send us your testimonial about us and about the software to , if you are satisfied with the product and with our support service. We are likely publishing your feedback on this website above. We take care about you and your experience.

About Us

Our vision was to create a powerful and user-friendly online gamer portal for website owners, webmasters and for their visitors. Which we produced with the newest technologies available. A great platform which is now available so far to anyone. We are proud that we deliver the purchased products instantly to new customers.

Now we are concentrating on developing and improving the software to be even better, faster and almost perfect. Our team aims to provide fast responses and a helpful hand if some of you have questions or need help with anything. We strive for transparency. So we manage things to be well organized and simply ordered. We also maintain the code and publish high-quality updates frequently.

We are opened to new ideas and opportunities. We take care of our customers’ reviews, feedbacks and ideas they mentioning. One purchased arcade game script is like one vote in the community.

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"This is the best script for games website I have ever used. Light interface, all necessary features, SEO optimized. Easy to use for administrators and comfortable for visitors as well."

Shakro Abramishvili a satisfied customer
April 21, 2016