Frequently Asked Questions

1. Before purchase

1.1 General

Do I need any programming skills?

No, anyone can install the script less in 5 minutes -even a child- without any programming skills. No qualification is needed.

Can I customize the script?

Yes of course, it contains several configuration options. So you can customize it really easily. Also the code is completely unencrypted and modular. So you can customize that too. But you are not allowed to re-distribute and re-sell your own Best Arcade Script version.

1.2 About themes

Can I choose from the themes?

Yes, you get 3 particular theme (default, orangeFlower, ocean) if you purchase the Standard Edition. You can also get 5 additional themes with the Professional Package. So you can use each 8 themes.

What are these other 8 themes?

The Standard Edition includes default, orangeFlower and ocean themes. The Professional Package includes Standard Edition's themes plus 5 more (coldBlue, colorfulNeon, deepSea, HTML5 and pink).

Are the other themes just different color schemes or actually different layouts as well?

The other themes has just different color schemes with several stylesheet and various backgrounds and logos.

Does it have a color chooser for background?

Currently it doesn't have an interface for that, but we are planning to develop a theme creator plugin for the admin interface. Now you can make a new theme by modifying an existing theme, it's easy if you have seen some CSS code before.

Do you have live demos of orange and ocean arcade theme?

No, but you can view some screenshots of them on our main page.

Is it easy to change background?

Yes, it is really easy. You can change the background by overriding a simple image file.

1.3 Other

Can I import or upload HTML5 games?

Yes you can embed HTML5 and Flash games too.

Can I add any other games, other than Kongregate, Spil Games, Scirra games and so on? If yes, do I have to upload the game on my hosting or just an URL from the source of the game or both ways?

Yes you can add any kind of games you wish, even HTML5 games. You can do it both ways plus you can also use an embed code for it.

About the playpage start advertisement. Is it allowed by Google AdSense to put an ad before the game load then disappear?

Google AdSense does not allow it. So it's not recommended to use Google ads on that particular ad space. You can use other kind of ads or you can also turn that advertisement off.

1.4 About systems

Which system do you recommend?

We recommend you to use cPanel or any other web hosting control panel system that supports PHP 5.3.0+, MySQL and preferably powered by an Apache web server with rewire rule support (.htaccess files).

What kind of browsers does the script support?

The script supports all major modern web browser. So it works with the newest version of IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari and so on. It was tested under Chrome (32.0.1700.107), IE11, Firefox 27.0, Opera 19.0 and Safari 5.1.7.

1.5 About purchase

How much can I earn with this script?

It depends on you. But we can say that to have a system like this, the only way was to hire programmers, designers, SEO professionals, marketing gurus and many others. It cost $10.000s and the result was not risk-free. That’s why only the big fishes were really successful like friv, kizi, A10 and so on.

How can I purchase Best Arcade Script?

Just choose the package you want to buy and click on the particular Purchase & Download button. Select the setup service and we will do everything and give you a turnkey website! After you click on Purchase & Download you will see some informations. Read them carefully, then click on the Buy Now button. And make a payment by PayPal. Then you will get your download link on your email account used with PayPal.

2. After purchase

The download link doesn't work for me. What's the problem?

Please do not use any kind of download manager which may visits the link before you. Just copy and paste the link into a new tab. Please contact us to give you the right to re-download your purchased product if you have problems.

Why does my site displays a blank page?

Please check your domain redirection or the domain name in the admin panel. It is recommended to use one primary domain and redirect the others to that one. For example redirect to or reverse.

How am I get the Setup Service?

After you bought the product, please send us an email to . After we get your email with the details, we will install your Best Arcade Script in 48 hours.

How can I use the Support Service?

If you have any problem please contact us at . And we will help and reply in 48 hours.

How am I informed about the updates?

We inform you and send download links to your email address, which you use with PayPal.

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